Proprietary technology delivering advanced and customized solutions
  • The NAV Software Development team integrates accounting expertise with sophisticated technological capabilities. Scaled globally, we provide 24-hour support to our clientele around the world. NAV's core systems are entirely designed and maintained by this in-house team.
  • Today, that role not only includes meeting our clients' business needs and accounting requirements, but goes far beyond that to encompass network security, online account management, data management, and optimized system availability.

NAV Central

  • NAV Central is a processing system that generates portfolio and trade reconciliation of various instruments, including equities, fixed income, options, futures and other derivative products.
  • Automated cash, portfolio, and trade reconciliation programs developed in various modules reconcile electronic trade blotters received from clients to those received from FCMs, Prime Brokers, Banks, and other third party data providers.
  • NAV Central integrates with other in-house developed portfolio management applications and consolidates communications between NAV and multiple custodians.
  • NAV Central provides its users separate customized interfaces for transaction processing and administrative functions.


  • NAVRTA ("NAV Registrar & Transfer Agent") is a software module for investor transaction tracking, cash controls, and compliance functions such as an automated USA Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) SDN queries and automated client reporting via web-based portals.
  • NAVRTA controls and initiates automated reporting functions, including Investor Transaction Updates, Bank Cash Reconciliations, and Consolidated Transaction Reporting for NAV's internal Accounting Team.


  • NAV ("NAV Investor Web Portal") provides several reports in a number of different formats to meet the growing data requirements of our clients and their investors.
  • The web-based reporting portal, NAV Investor Web, provides secure online access to these fund reports and investment data which can be accessed from any web browser worldwide. Managers can access detailed reports, while at the same time using NAV-designed dashboards to provide selective access to their investors.


  • NAVCIS ("NAV Client Interaction System") is a client-driven portfolio management system designed to give a 360° view of the portfolio transactions. This web-based distributed system is integrated to facilitate trade and portfolio management.
  • Its capabilities include asset summary information, trade activity, real time price verification from trusted external data sources, analytics and reporting, and data validations. Transaction and position details of the broker can also be uploaded online in pre-defined formats.


  • NAVRPS ("NAV Report Processing System") provides a valuable data warehousing and data mining tool to clients. This interactive reporting system enables users to create their own custom reports to suit their particular analytical requirements. Users can customize report fields by selecting from a wide variety of trade attributes. Fields can subsequently be formatted, results can be filtered, and sorting rules can be applied up to five levels. Users can even save customized reports as a report template for future use without recreating the same parameters.
  • In addition to user-customized reports, some pre-formatted portfolio, performance, exposure and trade reports are also available in NAVRPS. All reports can be exported in formats such as XLS, PDF, CSV, XML, among other available formats.
  • The data warehouse feature of the module means this is a query-based tool for portfolio, performance, exposure, and transaction reporting. It extracts information from transactional systems, transforms and loads it to staging data marts, and then aggregates and updates to the data warehouse.


  • NAVMS ("NAV Mailing Solution") is a web-based email and fax scheduling system that consists of two modules. The first module is designed to configure and execute distribution jobs. The second module runs 24/7 and schedules and pulls queued jobs, runs them from within the database, and then delivers the appropriate outputs.
  • The following features of this proprietary application make it different from any normal bulk mailer utilities in the market:
  1. Scheduling Option of emails for daily, weekly or monthly basis
  2. Freeform email flexibility
  3. Compression, password protection, attachment processing, and automated staging of emails
  4. Unlimited quantity of emails, recipients, jobs, and attachments
  5. Native logging and auditing for transactions with automated reporting to stakeholders
  6. Access control on the application so each user has its own scheduled tasks.
  7. User interaction is required only to configure and schedule the mail jobs one time. Windows service responsible for mail processing runs 24 X 7 to process the scheduled tasks.


  • NAVIRS ("NAV Investor Reporting System") is a client-based data-centric application that merges investor data maintained by external parties with NAV's systems after implementing a number of business rules and internal controls. Key computations of Risk and Performance are performed here and parameters such as VAMI, NAV, and Drawdown are also generated here.
  • Once data is verified and approved, it is passed for reporting into various customized formats. Another feature of this application is to provide a static informational database back to the customer in a pre-set format.
  • The application provides the following features:
  1. Data Import: Data from clients is received in machine- readable file formats such as XLS or MDB. It is imported into our databases and then used to generate investor's customized reports.
  2. Report Generation: The application is used to generate various reports in CSV, XLS, PDF, TXT format.


  • NAVCDS ("NAV Central Delivery System") defines and executes end-to-end delivery processes for customers (Daily Reporting, Monthly Reporting, Investors Reporting, Website Reporting, and Third Party Reporting)
  • Some of the key processes include:
  1. Uploading furnished data from the transactional system to the data warehouse for customer website integration
  2. Generating Reports between/from/among various other NAV modules
  3. Updating statements and other schedules to external parties (investors, custodians, and auditors)
  4. Executing reporting packages to deliver reports to clients
  • Scheduled jobs can also be defined in this application to automate processes. It is also capable of defining batches consisting of multiple delivery formats and controls (Email, FTP, and Security Encryption). This feature allows NAV to take any Investor statement and deliver the same file to several duplicate recipients using different reporting channels. (For example, one recipient may receive a statement via fax, another receives it via email, and a third receives the same statement via postal mail).
  • The application has a user-friendly dashboard environment which allows the user to execute processes and ensure the data integrity of processes.
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