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Independent Portfolio & Fund Accounting

Complete portfolio reconciliation and fund accounting process to establish NAV's own books and record

  • Three-Way Trade & Position Reconciliation
  • Independent Portfolio Pricing
  • Investor Allocations of Income and Expenses
  • Management & Performance Fee Calculation
  • Cash Reconciliation
  • Input Investor Capital Activity & Maintain Shareholder Register
  • Independent Performance Calculations

Reconciliation Against the Primary Administrator or Internal Books

Comprehensive reconciliation between NAV’s books and the primary administrator or a client’s internal books

  • Trade, Position, and Cash Reconciliation
  • P&L Reconciliation by Position
  • Complete Balance Sheet and Income Statement Reconciliation
  • Management & Performance Fee Calculation
  • Exception Reports to Identify Tolerance Breaches

Other Value Added Services

  • Web Portal Access with Data Mining, Custom Reports, and Advanced Risk Reporting
  • Compliance Support for SEC Form PF and NFA/CFTC Reporting
  • Daily Trade Break Reconciliation
  • T+0 Reporting to Support 40-Act Fund Requirements
  • Data Transfer to Third Party Custodians and Risk Reporting Systems
Why Shadow Accounting?
Parallel Accounting against the primary administrator to ensure accuracy and redundancy
Middle Office Support not offered by your primary administrator (i.e. Daily Reporting, Risk Reporting, Compliance)
NAV Calculation and Reporting Services for UCITS funds requiring a local Transfer Agent
T+0 Reporting for 40-Act Funds

  Robust Technology Platform

  • Mathematically-Focused System built from scratch and derived from rigorous research of the fundamental principles that drive the PE industry
  • Unique Data Structure developed after extensive blueprinting with one goal: the ability to efficiently transform and aggregate the data as needed
  • Flexible Algorithms meticulously designed to adapt to any requirement or edge case
  • Modularized Automation constructed with the ability to perform any required permutation/combination of processes and calculations
  • Intrinsic Validations established to preserve and ensure data quality

  Investor Services, Banking and Compliance Support

  • Generate and process Commitments, Capital Calls, Distribution Notices, Transfers and Redemptions
  • Complete FATCA and CRS Compliance Support
  • Process payments and enter wires to disburse payments via dual-controlled Fund bank account
  • Automated reporting functions, including Investor Transaction updates, Bank Cash Reconciliations, Consolidated Transaction Reporting for NAV's internal Accounting Team, client reporting via web-based portals

  Limited Partner and General Partner Accounting

  • Periodic NAV Reporting
  • Robust Carried Interest and Waterfall Calculation Module
  • Automated Capital Call & Distribution Calculations
  • Custom Investor Reporting
  • Flexible Performance Reporting, including IRR, MOIC, Annualized yield, and ITD Annualized ROR calculations
  • Experienced in handling a number of different strategies, including Venture Capital, Leveraged Buyout, Mezzanine Debt, and Real Estate
  • General Partner Accounting Services
  • Complete Audit Support

  Comprehensive Reporting

  • Generate Capital Call & Distribution Notices in your preferred format
  • Combined Capital Call and Distribution Summary
  • Delinquent Calls
  • Receivable and Payables Breakup
  • Weekly Capital Activity Summary
  • Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Account Statement, Equity Schedule
  • Carried Interest and Management Fee Calculations
  • Schedule of Operating Expenses, Change in Trial Balance
  • Income/Expense and Balance Sheet by Investments

  Capital Call & Distribution Generation

  • Calls for Investments, Expenses that Impact or do not Impact Commitment and Interest
  • Distributions for Income, Non-Recallable or Recallable Return of Capital, and Recycling Provisions
  • Reallocation, Catch-Up Rebalancing, Waterfall, Carried Interest, Tax With holding, Reinvestment, FX Adjustment, or any special memo adjustments
  • A computerized running Receivable/Payable ledger by Investor based on the Bank Account history as the backbone of our Delinquency Reporting

  Report & Data Delivery

  • Delivery of Periodic Investor Statements,Capital Call Notices, and Distribution Notices
  • Integrated with NAVRTA to automate delivery preferences based on each investor's profile
  • Flexible Delivery options, including, Email, SFTP, Web Portal, or US Post
  • Transmission of data files to third parties as required (ie. DTCC or IRA Custodian)

Fund Administration for Fund of Funds
Fund Accounting
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Flexible Sub-Period NAVs
  • Source and Aggregate Statements for Underlying Fund Investments
  • Management & Performance Fee Calculation
  • Cash Reconciliation
  • Partnership, Multi-Series, and Equalization Accounting
  • Complete Audit Support
Investor Services
  • Process Subscriptions and Redemptions
  • Investor Due Diligence (AML, KYC, OFAC, ERISA)
  • Secure Investor Reporting & Investor Web Portal
  • Direct Transaction Confirmations
Compliance & Regulatory Support
  • US FATCA, UK FATCA & CRS Compliance
  • OPERA Reporting
  • SEC Form PF
Middle Office Support
  • Cash Management via dual-controlled wire processing
  • Client Web Portal
  • Data transfer to third party custodians
  • Liquidity and Strategy Reporting
Financial Statement Preparation
  • GAAP and IFRS
  • Financial Highlights and Notes
Tax Reporting Services
  • Federal and State Tax Returns
  • Investor’s Schedule K-1
  • Form 1042 Reporting
  • Calculate Unrelated Business Taxable Income(UBTI) for tax-exempt investors
  • 1099-MISC Preparation and Filing
  • Zero setup or transition fees
  • Unlimited logins to web portal
       for the fund and investors
  • No additional AML/KYC fees
       per investor
  • Audit support included
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